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How I started!

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

So as you know, I started to pick the camera up again after giving birth to my daughter, Erin. It was at this point I had my lightbulb moment - that I wasn't going to spend my life working endlessly in the classroom as a history teacher, not having time to even see my own daughter. Determined and committed in my quest I started to lay the foundations (so while most new Mums are focused on enjoying their maternity leave and grappling with getting to know their new arrival, I was doing that AND juggling setting up my own business as well!)

My little precious dot!

In my following Blogs I want to let you know who I am, things I've found useful (for anyone interested in doing something similar and setting up their own business) and show you the range of images you'll get from a typical session from me.

See you soon!

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