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When is the best time to do a newborn photography session and what to expect?

For tips on the best time to book your newborn in for their photo session and what you can expect at your photo shoot, this blog covers all the essential points that almost all clients ask before booking their newborn photo session with me.

Firstly, Congratulations! If you’re reading this, a bundle of joy is either on the way or arrived 🎉 As a parent, family member or friend, you have probably already tried to imagine what their tiny face, arms and little toes will look like, and these are the things you are going to want to remember forever - that little bundle of joy at their tiniest. This is the what I hope to achieve with every session, timeless images that will document your little one at the start of their journey.

So when should you be bringing your precious newborn for their professional photos and am I too late if it’s not already booked?

The best time to bring your newborn in for their photo session is when your baby is between 6-10 days old so they’re still really sleepy and inclined to curl up into those beautiful newborn poses. As these sessions get booked up quickly, and so that I can guarantee the dates you may need, booking a session in advance is recommended. I usually suggest getting in touch once you’ve had your 20 week scan (that way you may have a better understanding of your little one’s due date).

That said, please don’t think “if I’ve not booked a newborn photo session yet then it’s too late, I’ve missed the boat”. 6-10 days old is a guide, you can book your little one in earlier or later and still have beautiful images. In fact, photographing babies can be done at any age, and sometimes things come up that mean getting professional photos done is just not the priority - that’s ok. It simply means you’ll have a baby at a different point in their development, so the session may work slightly different (and perhaps won’t fit into some of the smaller props or outfits), but you will still get some amazing images.

So what happens if my baby arrives early or late?

The initial date you book for your newborn session will be provisional and a definite date will be confirmed once your little one has arrived. So, unless I’ve already heard from you, I will get in touch, a week or so before your provisional session date, to check how things are progressing and take it from there. I simply ask you to drop me a message once your little one has arrived, as soon as you’re able, and then we will confirm a definite date for your session. (That way, if little one has decided that their grand entry into the world is going to be slightly different to what you’d expected - as often they do😆- then we can adjust the date accordingly). I always keep flexible dates for this purpose and will work with you to schedule a date that suits.

Do you provide props and outfits?

Yes, I provide all the wraps, fabrics, props and outfits for newborn sessions. If your baby is slightly older than they may not want to be wrapped, but I will still have outfits and props that can be used. That said, I love to work with my clients to create images they want and images that tell a piece of their story, so I always encourage clients to bring along items that they would like to use too! I don’t currently provide outfits for older siblings or parents, however I will work with you on what to wear and bring.

How are you going to ensure my baby, myself and my family are kept safe since COVID-19?

Cleanliness has always been a priority of mine, especially when photographing newborns, babies and children. In this sense, not too much has changed other than upping the anti with the cleaning products I use and now every surface gets cleaned - chairs, laptops, door handles, you name it, it gets it. The studio is cleaned daily and deep cleaned before every session; Props, outfits, fabrics and wraps will be cleaned between every use so they will be clean for every client; And I only book one session per day, allowing 48hours between each session, this ensures I can get things washed and cleaned before the next session. Hand sanitiser is provided and used throughout the session, face mask (for the photographer) will be worn, and I will continue to use a ‘shoes off’ policy when entering the studio. I have also always done this, but I also ask clients to let me know if they or any family members are experiencing any sickness and I will gladly reschedule for them. If you did have any further queries regarding health and safety since COVID-19 then please do take a look at my COVID-19 policy on my website at:

Or simply get in touch.

I hope this has helped, if there’s anything I’ve missed or you still want to know, then please do get in touch!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Stacey xxx

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