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Maternity Shoot - 9 unforgettable months

Mamma to be sessions are the BEST! And a bit of a rarity as many pregnant mums chose not to do them :( I often ask mums why they don't get bump shots done (to document that part of their's and their child's story) and the reply quite often is "I'm too big for that". This really is upsetting to hear, especially when I hear from mums that they wish they'd had photos of their bump done to look back on. And while I totally understand not everyone feels great throughout pregnancy I think all should rest assured that no professional maternity photographer would ever want a pregnant woman feel anything but beautiful and strong - exactly what you are as you grow another precious human being inside of you.

I started offering free bump sessions to every mother who booked a newborn session with me. Here's a little example of the selected images a client ordered from me after reluctantly taking me up on my free maternity session (reluctantly as she felt it may not suit a plus size pregnant mamma) and I think you'll agree, that she looks AMAZING!!!!

Anyone interested in finding out more about a maternity session or newborn session with me than just send me a message at:

Or find me on Facebook and send me a message:

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